Easy monster cookies. Best way to cook pork roast

Easy Monster Cookies

easy monster cookies

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Cookie Monster Bikkie

Cookie Monster Bikkie

The activity today at Playgroup was decorating biscuits/cookies since I decorate cakes I was choosen to organise it - even though I have never decorated a cookie before. I needed something easy as it was for toddlers and so decided to make some eyes and mouths and colour some icing blue so the kids could make cookie monsters - here is my sons effort (he is 2yrs old).

sesame street cake

sesame street cake

my first cake as an independent cake maker! a two-tier cake iced in buttercream, decorated with sugar flowers and figurines of sesame street characters. i had so much fun crafting the cookie monster, big bird, bert and ernie! the elmo i've done before so it was easy, but the rest were exciting to figure out. it's joyful, it's colourful, it's sesame street!

easy monster cookies

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